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ASF Radio is deeply committed to providing both clients and end-users with the utmost in privacy and security. We strive to abide by all industry guidelines and consistently monitor our management and operating methods in order to maintain our valued reputation and integrity.

Type of Information Collected

ASF Radio is an online radio station. Vistors are anonymous unless they choose to register as a VIP. Registration is optional and not required to listen to the station or browse the website. People registering for VIP benefits submit only their first name and their e-mail address (for login purposes). VIP IP addresses and PayPal payment history are also stored to allow VIPs to connect to the VIP audio server.

Use of Collected Information

Information colledted on is not shared with any other party. To provide VIPs with a customized experience, the website will store a VIP's IP address and their PayPal donation history, if any. No financial instrument/methods of payment data is ever collected or stored on the systems. Any financial transactions occur at PayPal, who also does not share payment instrument information with ASFRadio. VIP passwords are one-way hashed before being stored, and the website supports the lastest broswer-to-server encryption (https).

Member Contact

If the opt-in box is selected on the VIP profile, we have permission to contact the listener via electronic mail regarding information, promotions or special news that relate directly to the operation of the station. This is opt-in only, meaning that the member has complete control in allowing us to contact them and they may opt out at any time.


Cookies are only used to keep track of who has accepted our cookie policy, and who is signed in (if that person registers as a VIP). The VIP identifier cookie allows us to grant access to preferred streams, allow requests, and show the VIP personalized information about their account. Non-VIP visitors only receive the Cookie Policy Acceptance cookie (which stops the website from asking them to agree to it again on every page they visit)

Personally Identifiable Information

Editable personal information collected through ASF Radio may be corrected or updated on line by the person whose information was collected at any time by choosing the Edit Profile option on the VIP menu after signing in. VIPs may request a full copy of all their information by following the link at the bottom of their Edit Profile Page.


"Deactivating" refers to the process by which Personally Identifiable Information, upon request, is removed. Because of backups and records of deletions, it may be impossible to delete a member's entry without some residual information remaining. An individual who requests to have Personally Identifiable Information deactivated will be functionally deleted and personally indentifiable information (email address, IP address) removed. We will not sell, transfer, or use the information relating to a deleted individual in any way. To deactivate your account, please sign in, and then send your request via the contact form.

Notification Of Changes

In the event that there is a change in the privacy practices of ASF Radio, those changes will be posted on this page.