Jesse Bonanno - Meant To Be

Album: Check Please
Year: 2008
Song: Meant To Be
Artist: Jesse Bonanno      See all songs by Jesse Bonanno

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A Short Story

Once upon a time we offered lyrics to the tracks we played, so our listeners could understand more about what the song was about. Then a few years ago some lawyers sent us a letter explaining that the hundreds of dollars we paid in royalties to composers and songrwiters each month for the "privilege" of promoting their work wasn't enough.

They wanted more money from us to display text versions of the songs we were playing.

No wonder people think the music industry is greedy.

Not very nice (and not very ADA-friendly either, since some of our listeners may be hard of hearing and might not be able to make out the words of the song they're listening to).

Still, we didn't have more money for a legal fight or more royalties, so we took them down.


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