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A Little Background

My name is John and I run the Atlantic Sound Factory.
I was born in England and have lived in or near Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kings Lynn, Lincoln, High Wycombe and London. In 1982, I moved to the USA and I now live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

ASF Radio began broadcasting from my home in February of 2005 under the name "JDIRadio". It was rebranded several times in the following months and finally became the Atlantic Sound Factory in October of 2005. It still originates from my home in Cedar Rapids, IA.

ASF Radio is 100% listener-supported. Royalties to ASCAP, SESAC, BMI and SoundExchange are paid by LoudCity.

It's important to note that my playlist is carefully selected. My station can be heard in almost every room in my house so if I don't enjoy listening to it, it doesn't make it on the radio. It's as simple as that.

My Sincere Thanks Go To...

Fans of the Atlantic Sound Factory, who show their support every month by donating to keep the station alive and kicking. Thanks to Richard at 2NG Radio and Nick from StreamSolutions for proving that good guys still exist and coming to my rescue at very short notice.

Thanks also to Randy from Fast-Serv Stream Hosting for providing reliable platforms for our listeners, Werner (a loyal listener, friend and supporter from Germany) for ongoing help with some of the content on the website, and thanks also to iTunes, who has given us a huge opportunity to be discovered by thousands of people each day.

Station History

The station began on February 11th, 2005 as "JDI Radio" with about 300 songs from my CD collection. In spite of discouraging listener numbers (Some days, no listeners at all) I continued to build the library of music.

On October 2nd of 2005, I renamed my station to the "Atlantic Sound Factory" and ordered custom sweepers/promos for the first time. I chose the name because I was born and raised in England, but have lived in the USA since 1982. The result is what many call a "Mid Atlantic" acccent. Americans think I sound English. The English think I sound American.

Since I love music from both sides of the Atlantic, I decided the new name was a good fit.

Over the next few months I continued to work on the sound of the station, and applied for listings in some major media directories including iTunes and Windows Media. That turned out to be great exposure for the station, but also added expenses.

On March 3rd, 2007 following the amazingly stupid CRB ruling, I registered the domain SaveNetRadio.org and helped form the original SaveNetRadio Coalition with a core group of small webcasters. A few weeks later, after talking with the Digital Music Association (DiMA), I turned the SaveNetRadio domain over to DiMA/Qorvis. DiMA brought small and large webcasters together to form a united front against the CRB decision.

On June 26th, 2007 the Atlantic Sound Factory joined over 14,000 other USA internet radio stations in a day of silence to protest the new royalty rates. It raised awareness, but we still have no lasting solution.

Sunday, September 23rd of 2007, the Atlantic Sound Factory received an awesome write-up in the New York Times. (My sincere thanks to Shaun Assael for authoring the story, and Randy at Fast-Serv Networks for providing temporary additional listener capacity in the wake of the media attention).

In December of 2009 The good people at AOL/Nullsoft gave us a little mention in their blog

In 2010, the station library continued to grow and in October we celebrated 5 years of broadcasting.

With over 3,900 tracks from rock solid, great-sounding classics to the best of today's new music, ASF Radio continues to entertain thousands each day, and is without a doubt the most rewarding adventure I've ever embarked on.



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